In the year 2010, Asambly Chemicals Co., Ltd. set up a fully owned subsidiary in Ireland named Asambly Europe Co.,Ltd.

The main reason for Asambly Chemicals to have this Irish subsidiary is because of the REACH regulation in the EU and to better serve our customers based in the EU especially regarding any REACH issues they may have.

During the past number of years, we have invested quite a lot money in the name of REACH registration for Asambly Europe and for some key chemical substances.

In addition to our valuable team members in Asambly Europe, these REACH registration numbers are also the very important properties of Asambly Europe.


For any REACH issues, customers may contact the following persons in Asambly Europe,


Ms. Louise HALPIN, REACH Expert, Tel: +353 41 9806916 Email:

Mr. Liam HALPIN, Executive Assistant to Director, Tel: +353 41 9806917 Email: /


Presently we have registered the chemical substances as follows,


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